A celebration & challenge

By William G. Deutsch


Alabama Rivers, A Celebration & Challenge:

invites you to travel down rivers and through time to encounter the rich human history and natural wonders that have defined Alabama. Along the way, you will celebrate an array of magnificent rivers filled with unique plants and animals, shaped over the ages by a remarkably diverse geology. You will appreciate how rivers have served people from the first Paleo-Indian settlements to the present. Accept the challenge to restore and protect our rivers for their economic, cultural, and ecological benefits, but most of all because it is the right thing to do.

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Reading this book is like exploring Alabama’s DNA, diving deep in time and resurfacing back to the present. Bill’s
enlightening celebration of Alabama rivers also includes an honest look at the challenges they face, and calls us all to
take responsibility for ensuring the state’s river story continues to be written by future generations! This is a must read
for anyone in a position to make decisions about the future of Alabama.
— Cindy Lowry, Executive Director, Alabama Rivers Alliance